Alixa Flexibility Module 1 Instructor Certification Course

Alixa Flexibility Module 1 Instructor Certification Course

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Our Module 1 course is designed to give teachers the correct foundations & technique required for progressing flexibility in students safely.  We focus on alignment, technique, strength, and mobility while providing modifications & adaptions to suit all individuals.  The syllabus is progressive and has inbuilt injury prevention within all materials & focus points in the 34 stretches & drills in Module 1.

The aim of Module 1 is to show teachers how to set up their students with strong foundations in each key area for flexibility…technique, alignment, strength, and mobility- so that they are ready to increase progressions in Module 2 and beyond.  This lays the groundwork for safe progressions and sets teacher & student up for success.  

Courses are held Live Online.  We have a variety of different dates & times offered worldwide to suit your location & schedule.  After you purchase, you will be able to choose which date & time you prefer.  Instructors receive their certification, lesson plans, flexibility manual, strength manual & continuing support upon full completion of the course.


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