1-2-3 Dance

1-2-3 Dance

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Create your own hip hop routines in 3 easy steps!

1) Choose your favorite Dance Step Cards.
2) Lay them out in a straight line.
3) Choose your dance level
…then add your favorite style when you DANCE to your favorite song!  It’s that easy!

1-2-3 Dance includes 50 Mix-n-Match Dance Step cards, each with move-by-move pictures, verbal descriptions, 3 different dance levels, and step modifications.
a SECRET CODE to access our secret website filled with instructional videos, downloadable music, sample routines, and rhythm lessons!

1-2-3 Dance is perfect for teachers who currently teach or wish to teach hip hop to ages 3-adult.  Get inspiration from the Dance Step cards or use the cards as choreography activities with your students! And any style to the steps to create unlimited variations of dance routines!

1-2-3 Dance is also great for students preparing for talent shows!  Our age appropriate steps will get the crowd up and dancing with you!

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