The Holistic Guide to Goal-Setting for Dancers

The Holistic Guide to Goal-Setting for Dancers

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Help your students discover the motivation, discipline, and passion needed for success in their dance training - and in their every day lives outside the studio - with this newly revised, professionally edited dance goal-getting guide! 

Help your dancers set and achieve their goals in a safe, positive way with The Holistic Guide to Goal-Setting for Dancers. This dance goal-setting guide includes brainstorming questions, example goals, and worksheets that help you efficiently lead students through a holistic and encouraging goal-setting process.  Students will reflect on their biggest dance dreams, set ambitious but achievable goals, and develop a plan and timetable to make them come true – all through the lens of The Holistic Dance Teacher Approach, with equal emphasis on dance technique, artistry, and overall well-being through social and emotional learning. Dance teachers and choreographers can use this guide in classes, rehearsals, or private lessons with students of all skill levels and dance genres. Recommended for students age 7 and up with some experience.

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