Dance Teacher Evaluation Guide with Customizable Canva Tempolate

Dance Teacher Evaluation Guide with Customizable Canva Tempolate

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Studio owners and program directors, do you want to help your staff perform their best and create the studio culture you’ve always wanted - in which students grow in technique, artistry, and overall well-being, where families feel welcomed and valued, and teachers are encouraged and supported?

Dance teacher evaluation can help you build or maintain that positive, professional studio or program culture you desire - the kind of culture that you need to keep students and teachers returning year after year. A holistic evaluation process can remind teachers of their strengths, help them discover new areas for growth, prevent burnout, reinvigorate their love for teaching, and encourage them to best support your students. This newly revised, beautifully re-designed Holistic Guide to Dance Student Evaluation is the perfect tool for dance studio owners and program directors. Now featuring a Canva template that you can use to easily create fully customized rubrics of your own!


The Holistic Guide to Dance Teacher Evaluation is a comprehensive resource for positive, growth-oriented, and holistic evaluation of your staff's performance. The guide leads dance studio owners and program directors through the process of evaluating their dance teachers based on professionalism, content knowledge and pedagogy, teaching methods, class management, and artistry. This guide is adaptable for use in any dance environment, from studios to universities, and for teachers of any age group, skill level, or dance genre.

The dance teacher evaluation guide includes different 5 rubrics, for evaluation from different perspectives:

  • Evaluation by management - the studio owner or program director
  • Evaluation by other teachers who observe class
  • Self-evaluation by the teacher
  • Evaluation by the teacher's' current students
  • Evaluation by parents/guardians of the teacher's current students

Each rubric can also be used independently, allowing you the freedom to design the evaluation process that works best for your studio or program. You can print the PDF rubrics and hand write on them, or follow the link in the document to find a customizable Canva template that you can use to create your own highly-professional version with your studio’s logo, colors, and evaluation items.

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