Challenging Behavior Webinar

Challenging Behavior Webinar

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Learn how to control your class so you can focus on teaching! Challenging student behavior like aggression, attention-seeking and non-compliance makes both teaching and learning hard.

What if you could use a simple formula to “diagnose” behaviors, and manage them effectively? This workshop gives you the key to understanding challenging behavior, along with practical strategies that you can apply immediately to create a positive, effective learning environment for everyone.

During this webinar, you will:

- Discover the "formula" experts use to understand behavior
- Learn the key behavior management terms and how to apply them to improve behavior in any learning environment
- Learn effective, practical strategies that you can start using immediately
- Participate in an open discussion session with an internationally recognized behavior and learning clinician

GUEST SPEAKER: Dr. Shaana Berman, Ed. D. BCBA

DURATION: 60 minutes

CREDIT: 1 clock hour

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